Sunday, 7 October 2018

Love Your Bust The Right Way with Neubodi.

Let's face it, according to a study that has shown in every 1 of  4 women in Malaysia (including me of course) has more than 10 bras in the wardrobe. Well, I admit that too. Hahaha I love pretty and lush-looking inner wear alot but those bras are way at the back corner of my closet which it's either I never worn it before, or the size does not fit me anymore( not to say my boob size fluctuates it's just some bra over-stretch after a few wash). And all along I just really don't know what to do with those old bras(branded too) and now thanks to Neubodi, I know where all my bras could go for the better.

Thanks to Mamasan( Tammy) and Neubodi for the invitation where me and the girls did a first but fun bra fitting session at their first Penang branch located just right in Gurney Plaza. Well it turned out to be all fun and not awkward at all like how i thought it will be. We had fun doing a mini Photoshoot ourselves and it felt it could go on forever, just give us those sexy braaaas! So here's our girly catch up session while gaining some extra boobie knowledge at the Butterfly Malaysia X Neubodi Bra Drive in Penang.

Before I go on, let me tell you a lil’ history about Neubodi. Neubodi has been established since back 2008. Who are they? Neubodi is a lingerie brand that represents and effortless body transformation through providing the right fit of beauty and confidence for every modern women. They have bra size ranging from 65A - 100I, they have a combination total of over 600  size/style/colour for every girl to choose from. Seriously, all the Neubodi consultant needed was their hands and they will know your exact cup size. Yes that wow-ed me too.

Neubodi has been commencing the Neubodi Bra Drive since 2012, encouraging the public to drop their old bras into the “bra bin” to donate unwanted bras for the less fortunate. I know you might be thinking takkan those all stretched out or some has been worn countless times also will be given to the less fortunate? Well, only the good bras gets the cut. The bad bras gets recycled into fibres or bio-fuel to power those unfortunate areas.  

Did you know? Wearing your bra the right way might help increase your cup size, and all the time since I have boobies I've been wearing them the wrong way! This bra fitting session really made me gained lots of knowledge to care for my girls. Lol So here are the few steps to snug your boobies into the cup the right way:

So you just start off like the usual by hooking the back, but be sure to lean forward a lil’ so your bobbies fit comfortable in the bra cup.It is very important to reach for the fatty tissues behind cause it REALLY does make 9a huge difference. Lol Make sure the strap is not to tight by fitting 1 finger thru and once you're done bringing all the back fatty tissues to the cup , adjust the band horizontally  to your comfort and voila! BIGGER BOOBIES. Lol

I love how the consultant takes their time to pick out a few designs for you to try on which suits your preference. Probably it's not that obvious in the picture but this lacey push up is really a bombshell! I don't know where did all those boobs came from but God bless me with more jobs cause I really need more of those. Lol this lacey gives you the extra boost to your boobs like literally. Haha

There are seriously soooo many designs, like literally over 600 over designs(how to choose you tell me) to choose from from lace to bright colours that I'm like lost in dilemma till I feel like just buying one of each designs. Lol just kidding ain't that rich yet but one day my friends, one day.

This lacey bra is one of their best seller and well I didn't tried that on but iris did! And wow all I can say is she's sexy and ready to mingle with that. Lol The lovely consultant would also explain to you how each different design works and makes sure every bra you try fits you perfectly.( I feel like a princess after getting the hang of it lol)

It was a first but fun session with the girls and we just had a mini endless photo shoot. Lol! Each of us are wearing different designs but cup size? Well not revealing. Lol Overall the session was fun and is just so friendly it cuts all the awkwardness out. I personally would never buy bras with too many hooks but Neubodi just changed my mind about that, it's like my boobs got an instant lift(sikit) after wearing a Neubodi bra. Lol

if you're like me who also have a mountain of old and unwanted bras that you don't know what to do with it, head over to Neubodi Gurney Plaza and drop them off at their special bin, scan the QR code and gift yourself a 25% off your 1st bra purchase. Cause you girls deserved it after spreading girl power to the less fortunates. Neubodi Bra Drive is happening now till the 4th of November 2018, to find out more about it check out their Facebook page and also make a visit to a Neubodi store near you to know more from their friendly consultants.

Neubodi Gurney Plaza Address

170-02-12A, Gurney Plaza, 

Persiaran Gurney, 
10250 Georgetown Penang. 

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