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Stand a Chance To Win a Honda Car with Honda "Terima Kasih 900K" Campaign

Honda car fans I have some good news for you!
Dying to get a new car but you're low on budget? Or have you been thinking of upgrading your current ride just that you're not sure of which to switch to? Then you've fallen upon the right blog for you! It was a privilege to be able to be part of Honda Malaysia's "Terima Kasih 900K" bloggers test drive PNG 2019 campaign which gave me the chance to have a taste of how driving a Honda car feels like. I own a Myvvi so I'm actually skeptic of driving big cars as you know, I'm too petite to sometimes see the road in front of me and I would not wanna carelessly bang someone else while on the road. ( don't judge, that doesn't mean I'm a bad driver I still can bring you from point A to point B) if you haven't seen my insta post about my Honda test drive experience, you can check it out here. 

If you haven't know , Honda Malaysia is giving out 9 Honda car models for their 900K Unit Milestone Campaign to 9 lucky winners throughout Malaysia . Yes you heard it right, 9 cars to be given away! Continue reading and I'll share with you how to gain yourself more entries to walk away with a brand new Honda car. This campaign has Partnership with ASTRO Radio Syok, Tealive and also Unifi and each partnered brand could help you increase your chances of winning your dream car! Got your attention yet? Just continue reading. 

Last week our meet up point was at Nomad Cafe located in Icon City where along with 5 other bloggers including Iris ( my driving partner for the day). We were greeted with warm coffee and a wholesome breakfast while listening to the welcome speech by Daphne and also their production presentation by the Honda Team. We were given clear instructions and also test drive briefing about what we will be doing throughout the day. After all that, we're off to the flag off convoy. Honestly, it was my first time test driving( or even driving) a car bigger than my myvvi so I was quite scared. Hence, Iris took the wheel first. (we were both damn anxious actually) 

We started our journey off to our first station which is Tealive Setia Sentral in their Honda HR-V Hybrid. Sitting in the passenger seat was amazing as I was really wowed by how much leg space there is! I could literally fit a luggage down there. The HR-V is personally my favorite as it is definitely suitable for ladies and also people like me who don't prefer cars which are too long and broad for my view. While it was my turn to test drive, I could test on the speed as our driving session was mostly on the highway and I tell you I could go till 140km/h and still feel safe and stable( just for testing the speed purposes, I'm a safe driver). Not forgetting bout the boot space! The Honda team came up with some activities for us to fit things into the boot throughout the journey and it's amazing that by folding down the back seat you could fit a whole bicycle and still have enough space for other stuff. Even without folding down the back seats, the boot area itself is more than enough for you to fit your shopping items with ease. 

Here's 1 way for you to walk away with a Honda car. Tealive lover it's time for you to win the car of your dreams while sipping on your favorite bobba tea. Here's how:

1. Look for the Tealive X Road To Breakthrough standee at your nearest Tealive outlet (EXCEPT The Garden Mall, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Kenanga Wholesale City, Jitra Mall and Segi University) and snap a picture while posing with your Tealive drink.

2. Complete the slogan " Tealive and Honda are…." in less than 90 words.
3. Whatsapp your complete details of your Full name, IC and email address attached with the picture in a single message to +60176194750. 

And that's it! You'll get 1 entry in the running to win a grand prize of a brand new Honda Jazz. Tealive X Honda is always giving out weekly prizes which you could enjoy 1 year worth of Tealive supplies and in the running for the grand prize Finalist. After all this while the amount you've spent on bobba tea from Tealive might pay off after all. 

After experiencing the HR-V, next we get to test drive the sexy Honda Civic Turbo to our next destination, Alor Setar! I had the best time test driving the Honda Civic as most of our route is on the highway I got the chance to test it's horsepower and I would say it's not something to play play with. Reaching the speed of 160km/h with ease made me release the accelerator as my adrenaline was pumping like crazy, so I had to pull back a lil. Lol The best part, it was still a smooth drive even though I was going that fast. I'm totally in love with the Honda Civic's sporty exterior and it's definitely a dream car for the boys ( or maybe also for girls who loves speed). And an amazing feature that the Honda Civic Turbo has is that you could start the engine with the remote  to cool the car even before you enter, no more burning seats after parking under the sun! 

We pit-stopped at Kejora Cafe for a quick lunch then we're off the Aman Sentral Mall for the Honda "Terima Kasih 900K" roadshow. Over there there were different models of Honda cars on display and also promoters explaining on how to participate in their campaign contest. It was definitely a super hot day plus the haze nowadays and I super respect them being able to bare the torture. Here's how you could take part:

Other than the steps above, you can also participate and increase your chances of winning through ASTRO Radio (Syok) and also Unifi

Through Syok, click on this link ( and register by filling up the form including a statement of why you do want to win a Honda car, alongside with your Full name, IC, address, email address and your contact number accordingly. Complete it by clicking submit then your entry is done! 50 best slogans will be chosen from this contest to attend the Grand Finale event happening on the 28th of September. One lucky winner could stand a chance to drive home a Honda Hybrid car! So hurry and download the app either through your Apple app store of Google play store and register away! 

For existing Unifi users you too could increase your entry to win yourself a brand new Honda car! Unifi partnering with Honda Malaysia's "Terima Kasih 900K" campaign under #myunifimyhonda, here's how to bring yourself a step closer to a Honda Hybrid car:
1. Download the Myunifi app
2. Update your personal information in the app
3. Answer a few questions about the campaign and just click submit. 

There you go! Another entry done. 

The next station that we stopped at was Lee Motors, one of Sungai Petani's Honda Dealer Centre. It's definitely one of the biggest car dealer centres that I've been into I would say( actually I don't always visit car dealer centre's often so hence my opinion on Lee Motors) Over there, the Honda team explained on how to find the hidden car emblems hidden at certain dealer centre and to increase your entry to walk away with a new Honda car. Here's a few steps below that each step could earn yourself one entry:

1. Search and snap a photo of the hidden car emblem located at any Honda Dealers centre(1 entry) 
2.Test drive a Honda car (1 entry) 
3.Book a Honda car (1 entry) 
4.Register a Honda car (1 entry) 
5.Have a service history with Honda (1 entry) 

If you have all the above done, you could have a total of 5 entries. 

The last stop for our test drive was Eco Horizon located at Simpang Empat, Penang. Over there we witness the demonstration of the latest technology feature in the CR-V which is the Honda Sensing. This feature really made me jaw drop where there's a driver assistance system that could make driving experience much easier and less tiring, especially when you're in for a long journey. This feature called the cruise control allows you to follow and sense the car in front of you which speeds up when the car does or stops at a safe distance when the car in front of you stops. Impressive right? Other than that, the Lane Keep Assist System alerts you when you're off your lane by giving off a vibration on your steering to remind you to keep in your lane. Not only that, the Honda Lane watch allows to be aware of your surrounding eliminating blind spots with a camera month on the passenger side mirror when you're signaling to the left. So now you know how impressed I am at Honda cars? 

By ending the journey, it was my turn to test drive the Honda CR-V. It's definitely a big car and I was pretty nervous driving it but I got used to it after awhile. This is one car suitable for a family and not forgetting about the boot space! The Honda team did a comparison with other car brands and it's incomparable with what Honda cars have to offer. By the time it was close to after work hours as traffic was slowly piling up but I'm glad I got Iris and one of the Honda Team members back to Nomad Cafe safely. ( talk about the tension of the safety of the other 2 passengers, thanks for believing in my driving lol) 

All in all, it was an awesome experience as it is honestly my first time driving big cars ( yes I'm m abit of a chicken when it comes to cars other than my myvvi lol). My preferred car would definitely be the HR-V as it is unexpectedly comfortable, especially for a petite woman like me. So before I end this, the Honda Malaysia's " Terima Kasih 900K" contest is ending on the 22nd of September 2019 and if you want to walk away with a new Honda car, be sure to follow all the steps above to ensure your chances of winning. If you like to know more information, check out Honda's official website or their Facebook page. Other than that, you could also visit their collaborating partners that I've included below. Best of luck! 

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