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The Glam Squad getaway X The Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, Genting Highlands

I haven't been up Genting I think it's been close to 3 years? Since the theme park was close for upgrades I didn't find the fun to be up there. BUT this time the squad and I got the chance for a short 3days 2nights getaway up to Genting Highlands! OMG yes I was super excited when I heard we are going for a short trip with the Glam Squad, and also Gaylen’s family.  (Her kids too!) We started our journey early in the morning, there's a total of 10 of us in 3 cars and I would say this experience is so fun I can't wait to have more with the girls. Maybe next trip us girls convoy road trip to an island or something what do you think?*wink Hahaha

After I few hours of driving, we've finally arrived our stay which is the Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, Genting Highlands . The weather was perfectly cooling  ( not that cold during the afternoon) and we girl just couldn't wait to start doing fun things. The Grand Ion Delemen Hotel is a latest development which is located up in the hills and surrounded by fun activities such as golf, casino, shipping centres and also the theme park (it's still close). Recently won the Malaysian Book of Records for the “highest altitude full -fledged serviced apartment in Malaysia”, the Grand Ion Delemen has a 5 star ratings too! The offer a total of 632 rooms and suites which there's a range from 25 square metres to 160 square metres. So let me share with you how my Genting Highland 3D2N getaway with the Glam squad went.

When we arrived we quickly checked in our rooms and prepare to head for lunch. We were given Deluxe Rooms for our 3days 2night stay and I would like to say it was not bad. After changing into warmer clothes, we then head down to Kembali Kitchen. We were pretty hungry since the last meal we had was before we left for the trip in the morning. Look at the amount of food that was served to us. Thank God it's not only the 4 of us girls finishing the food, doubt that we could finish all by ourselves definitely. Hahaha

After we were done with lunch, we drove to head out to Genting Premium Outlet for a walk. We really look like a big family.  I Would say it's actually a distance of about a 20min to 30min drive so make sure your petrol is enough. ( don't be like mine lol) I didn't shop there, the girls did some of course haha then we head back to our to get ready for dinner at “Hugo’s in the Sky”

Hugo’s in the Sky is located at the rooftop of the Grand Ion Delemen Hotel. This restaurant has one of the best views, make sure to be there during evening where it's super Instagram worthy during sunset. And another heads up, if you're afraid of the cold like me be sure to bring a jacket cause you the breeze at night could really blow you away. Hence, no Insta worthy picture for me that night. Lol

“Hugo’s in the Sky” is a semi fine dine restaurant with spacious sitting, warm ambiance and not forgetting the night view over the full glass windows. I really enjoyed the food prepared by Chef Donny, it's really a new taste experience for me especially the chocolate chilli mousse. Like, wow who would have thought about trying chilli in Chocolate right? It sounds weird but trust me it tastes magical. *mind blown

After we were done with a good dinner, we head back to the room as we are going for fun activities the next morning.

We started Day 2 with breakfast at Kembali Kitchen and the breakfast there were made for champions man, it's the best! the morning fog was kinda bad and was contemplating whether do we still get to try the challenge course but in the end they told us it will still go on. Nice! So we finish up our meals and head out to the challenge course area on a bugee. It was still cold and fogy but we did the course anyway. Honest to God, I was super scared. Call me scardy cat but it was still scary with the strong wind, I was literally shivering. Hahaha

It was really a crazy experience but it was fun experiencing it with the girls. It is rather “chikek”(thrilling) I would say, but I wouldn't wanna try it again. Scared. Hahaha

After we were done with the challenge course we girls were treated to a spa session at the Sompoton Spa while the boys laid back for their time at the hotel. Gaylen and I were treated with their signature massage using traditional Malay techniques. It was a new experience for me to get a message in such cold weather but it was truly relaxing. The therapist at Sompoton Spa is rather friendly and one of them thought that I was Singaporean. Lol

After we were done with our Massage we headed back to Kembali Kitchen for dinner with the boys and also Gaylen’s parents. The best thing n the cold is to enjoy a hotpot of steamboat with your squad. I was sipping the soup like non stop to warm myself up. The young bunch ended up staying a lil bit longer cause we really really do love steamboat.

The last day we got up to have breakfast and also head to the pool, heated pool to be exact so be amazed. Lol the girls went the night before but it was just too cold, my clothes were gripping onto my skin asking me not to let go even though I was already wearing a bikini. So, I ended up going in the morning. The fog was too thick to get an outdoor view but the pool itself is super instagramable. If you would like to enjoy the view of lights at night do try to go for a swim at night, it's quite cold but the view is something you've got to experience.

The haze was so bad on that day we couldn't stay long outdoor tho it was pretty nice to have a lil Photoshoot session with the girls. So we headed back to our rooms to pack and check out. I would say it was an awesome experience having a lil getaway with the girls and having our stay at the Grand Ion Delemen Hotel. The modern architecture is eye catching but it could be rather confusing at times, so be sure to know which block your room is from their friendly staffs. This hotel is suitable for family trips and also company team building gatherings. We ended our trip by heading to our last stop which is Sky Avenue. It was rather a tiring but super fun trip. What's not fun when you have the squad doing crazy fun things with you? For more to come. *cheers

If you want to watch us The Glam Squad having fun
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The Grand Ion Delemen Hotel,

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Tel: 03-92262255

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