Monday, 24 September 2018

Pamper Session at HKCplaza with The Glam Squad

The weather nowadays changes so drastically you don't even know when is it gonna affect your health or even your skin. Few of my friends fell sick due to the sudden hot and cold weather in Penang including me!( really drink more water guys). And not forgetting that it'll also affect your skin, I've noticed mine being extra dry and easily irritated after probably a long day outdoor.
Thanks to HKC’s invitation, the squad and I got to squeeze in some pamper time. Just at the right time where I just don't know what to do with my skin anymore.

HKC which actually stands for HanKook korean skin aesthetics just recently open their first flagship store in Penang just right in Greenlane, I'm sure all Penangites know where this is. HKC has been in the beauty industry for quite some time and has experience in manufacturing, trading and wholesale. What's different about HKC and other beauty salons is they focus more in cell and skin rejuvenation instead  extractions on the surface.

Before we carry on with our treatment we were briefed about the history of HKC and also the types of treatments they have to offer. Hkcplaza Skin Aesthetics also carries their own brand which has solely been used in dermatological clinics which is Histolab. After the briefing we were brought upstairs to get our treatment done which is their signature that is the  Guerison Treatment. Guerison which stands for “healing” is the next generation skin care device for healing and recovering of the skin. The Guerison Treatment uses Low-Level Laser Therapy which is a novel treatment option available for non-therm and non-ablative skin rejuvenation, which has been shown to be effective for improving skin conditions such as wrinkles and skin laxity.

What i really love about the Guerison Treatment is there is no pain at all! It's my first time trying laser treatment and I was actually quite anxious before lying down on the treatment bed. But oh well, guess I think too much and it was just such a comfortable session. (The number of times I nearly dozed off)

The Treatment starts off with the beautician gently cleanse the face to get rid of dirt and also any makeup residue. What gave this Treatment a boost is by using the Double Effect Ampoule together with the machine to help activate cells, improve blood circulation, eliminate body waste and sterilize damage skin.  This machine not only can it be used on the face, But also the neck and the scalp. It can help with headaches too. The scalp part is probably tingle a little but my scalp is quite dry due to all the hair dying and styling that's why. But overall I don't feel a thing. And after 15 minutes of each session which includes the neck, face and scalp then the beautician finish it with a mask.

After getting done with the Guerison Treatment my skin felt so much lifter and brighter! I have really dead looking skin if I didn't keep up with my mask routine but this treatment really wowed me! By doing it every 2 weeks I'm very sure my skin is gonna be flawless!

If you're dying to try it out here's some exciting news for you, their first trial promo is at 3x package for ONLY rm288! Worth it? I would say super yes.
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26N Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11600 Georgetown, Penang

Tel: 60-4-655-3958
Operating Hours

Monday ~ Friday

10.30am ~ 08:30pm

Saturday ~ Sunday

10.00am ~ 06:00pm

Close on Public Holidays 

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