Tuesday, 1 October 2019

CBM Green Your Affordable Light Solution

Are you the type of person who loves to DIY your home? Always wanted to lit up your garden porch but it's out of your budget? We all know that lighting installation could cost a bomb and it is a lot of hassle especially there's wiring involved. Today let me share with you a solar light that could ease your home DIY ideas and would not break a hole in your pocket. CBM GREEN integrated solar street lamp with radar sensor could light up your way! 

CBM GREEN Integrated Solar Street Lamp which absorbs solar energy collected on the solar panels turning into electric energy. This solar light only needs 8hours of charging by allowing the solar panels to face the sunlight  then it good to go! No extra electricity needed. It comes with an affordable price which is suitable for all who has a tight budget as we all know, the charges of hiring an electrician to cost of wiring could sum up a lot, with  CBM GREEN? No problem! and you can even install it yourself, it's that easy! Cbm green uses LED light source that uses low voltage of power supply yet long life efficiency. 

 It comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to control
  •  its brightness either on 50‰ or 100‰
  • On Auto mode which allows it to turn off when it's day time  
  • and you can even set its timer on 3 hours, 5houts or 8hours .

CBM GREEN Solar Street Lamp is suitable for installing around your garden area either for decoration purposes or lighting purposes , dark alleyways or corridors  ,factory areas and also schools. Cbm green comes with a 3month warranty to ensure your satisfaction with the product. So if you’re looking for a cheaper and hassle free  light solution, try CBM GREEN. CBM GREEN solar street lamp is your all in one environment friendly solution to your lighting needs. At an affordable price of rm196, you can light up the areas you need easily. Also Check out CBM GREEN official Facebook page if you like to know more information about it. 

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