Sunday, 9 December 2018

Boost Your Mood with Icy-Cool Beverages by Anchor Food Professionals

 Did you know that there's a new mood boosting beverage in town and I'm dying to tell you about it! Big thanks to Anchor Food Professionals for inviting me and my girls to have a taste of what Moodmojee Campaign has to offer. Before I go on, let me share with you a lil’ about what Anchor Food Professional does. Basically they will collaborate with their clients to present 6 new dairy beverages that uses Anchor dairy products. And the outlets in Penang that Anchor is collaborating is Lavish Fusion Bakery and Hive by Love a Loaf Bakery. Designed as a mood booster, the range of beverages brings unexpected pairing to surprise your tastebuds.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Take Care of Your Skin With Korea's Trending Skincare SHO

There's no doubt that Koreans have always brought their A game in the beauty industry and us Malaysian women can't get enough of it. Lol yup that includes me. I love it how Koreans put so much effort and time to their skincare routine and seriously, their skin looks always so flawless! Even the Koreans I've seen staying in Penang their face is always glowing and God I would do anything to get that dewy glow-y face!

I have make up on probably quite often and I have combination skin where my cheek area is super dry. I've read up somewhere awhile ago that you can actually put on mask everyday which would preferably be within your budget. There are so many mask in the market how do you know which is for your skin type and which could cause harm if overused? Well thanks to SHO Malaysia, I've got my hands on a series of their sheet mask which each has different effects! So let me share with you what 5 types of mask SHO has to offer.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

House to True Korean Cuisine in Penang, Han Sik Ga

Many of you don't know I'm actually quite a K fan and who doesn't right? Hot oppas hot onees, delicious food and also cute kids! I'm a Return of Superman fan so there's where my K craze goes lol. And all you K food lover get excited, there's a new Korean cuisine house in town and I'm pretty sure you don't wanna miss it. Han Sik Ga is one of the latest addition to Korean cuisine at Gurney Plaza, Penang. Located on the 7th floor which is the same floor as the cinema, I'm pretty sure all you Penangites know where it is. Han-Sik-Ga actually means “true Korean food house”. Han-Sik-Ga serve authentic Korean food with a wide variety for you to choose from! Got you hungry yet? Read on to know what I've managed to taste and got educated about.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

The Latest Hotspot in Town @ Solaria Square

Good news to those who are living near Bayan Lepas area, there's a new Hotspot near you and I'm pretty sure many have passed by but never really looked into this place. Solaris Square is situated just below Solaria Residency and it is located just 700 Meters drive away from Penang International Airport!  

Solaria Square would probably be the best location to enjoy a meal before flying off. And since the Bayan Lepas Industrial area is nearby too, you guys don't have to eat the same economy rice which you've been eating  for the past few month anymore! There's just so many choices of f&b outlets to choose from. You don't have to spend hours in the airport doing nothing while waiting to board your flight anymore, just chill at Solaria Square!!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Love Your Bust The Right Way with Neubodi.

Let's face it, according to a study that has shown in every 1 of  4 women in Malaysia (including me of course) has more than 10 bras in the wardrobe. Well, I admit that too. Hahaha I love pretty and lush-looking inner wear alot but those bras are way at the back corner of my closet which it's either I never worn it before, or the size does not fit me anymore( not to say my boob size fluctuates it's just some bra over-stretch after a few wash). And all along I just really don't know what to do with those old bras(branded too) and now thanks to Neubodi, I know where all my bras could go for the better.