Monday, 18 March 2019

Blaze Those Extra Calories Away With Jonlivia

If you've been following my social medias 
you'll notice that I've been hitting the gym quite often and it's been going on for approximately 6 months already and the gym has literally changed my life. Lol I'm a really hard gainer (but my trainer/bf thinks that I don't eat enough lol) and I've been trying my best to actually gain some weight cause I'm tired of hearing people say how skinny I am so since I'm a picker eater, might as well build muscles to you know disguise my skinniness. Tho it's not easy and I know I am still supposed to eat as much calories I need, but going to the gym really is what motivate me to keep my body on check. (fact: I used to hate going to the gym cause of the pain, now I love the pain)

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Check Out Bertam's Latest Elegance Living, Bertam Eco Residence

Are you like me
 in our mid 20s(or slightly pass mid shhh) thinking probably “hey, probably it's about time to start investing in a proper home” after having a stable job a stable life? Well good for you, give yourself a pat at the back. Lol as we all know prices of residential area in Penang has hiked like crazy and to own an apartment only might cause one few hundred thousands and that's alot. Well, Penangites nowadays are not only from the island itself, not forgetting there's also the mainland. I'm the island girl so to me the mainland consist of places like Juru, Perai, Bukit Mertajam, Raja Uda and etc. Lol (correct me if I'm wrong) The housing area there no joke, whenever I pass by I'll be staring in awe always thinking it'll be nice to own one of these. And thanks to Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd, I got a chance to step foot in the show units of one Bertam's latest development, Bertam Eco Residence.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Mesmerize Your Eyes with Barbie Eyesland

The coloured lens craze has been going on since my high school time and I've got to say I'll never get over it. I started wearing coloured contact lenses since I was 13,yup definitely my first choice for to go for the blue/green/violet one. Lol the brighter the better. And as years go by more and more people gets the chance to transform their eye colour doesn't matter whether you have bad eyesight or perfectly good eyesight thanks to Korean colored lenses. The trend has changed from really bright coloured lenses to a more subtle and natural but still give the mesmerizing effect. Thanks to Barbie Eyesland, I have new colored lens to be added to my collection.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

De Human Eyes Can Tell You More Than Just An Eye Check

Did you know?
That the human eye could actually tell you certain things bout your health? Yea I didn't know that too till my recent experience with De Human Eyes. Before I go on, let me share my experience when it comes to eye check. The last eye check I've went was last year, where I decided to get clear lenses so I could work conveniently. Sadly it discomfort me plus I've chucked aside my broken glasses cause well, it's broken. Lol I have bad astigmatism where I can't really see during the night and I usually ‘agak-agak’ drive with my super bad eyesight. As months go by, I do not dare to risk my life or anyone who I am fetching during the night cause I'll literally be blinded by car's headlights. 

Since it was the new year, so I was thinking that it's about time to get myself a proper eyewear so that I do not need to strain my eyes so hard and so often. On a daily basis my eyesight is always blur and as usual I'll just ‘agak-agak’ my view thru anything. De Human Eyes was recommended by one of  my girls friends and they've been telling me that I should go check it out myself.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Shoo Discomfort Away with Uri-Comfort

I'm pretty sure most of you ladies out there could related to what is it to feel like to have UTI. 
UTI which stands for Urinary tract infection is an infection of the kidney, ureter, bladder, or urethra. Not everyone experience the same symptoms but the common ones include a frequent urge to urinate and pain or burning when urinating. The feeling of having to rush to the toilet every minute is just stressful. I've experienced UTI a few times but my first few was horrifying. It really hurts like hell and all you can do is grip and quench your teeth hard praying the pain will go away soon. Usually my go to medication is Ural, which helps to neutralize it and it really does help. But today, I've been Introduced which helps to improve and maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Uri-Comfort by Dynamic Nutritions combines cranberry and hibiscus for urinary tract health. This new innovative formulation from Naturex(France) works by reducing E. Coli adhesion and inhibit bacteria growth in our urinary tract. It is 100‰ natural with no added sodium, sugar or artificial sweetener. It contains of 48mg PACs combined with hibiscus flower extract. Uri-Comfort is also has scientifically proven ingredients by Ellirose and Cysticran and it improves and maintains urinary tract health instead of just symptomatic relief.