Friday, 11 August 2017

Let me begin

Hey! It's pretty much my first post up here, not that I've never tried blogging before (those emo high school days where I just post sad shit so we don't wanna go there haha). Anyway, since it's my first might as well I start off introducing myself with the top 5 most FAQs that people have asked me. (mostly thanks to my tattoos) 

1. Are you Chinese?

DUHH! I'm Chinese lol. I'm pure Chinese. 会讲也会写,but会写得差一点。我很multi-language one. Wanna hire translator can consider but not till the advance level of translating la. hahah limited, my level is limited. LOL

My mom chinese my dad also chinese so that makes me VERY chinese ( I KNOW i look Thai but its pretty much because of my hair??)

2. what are you doing now ah?

I'm a student by day, waitress by night. (sound like some superhero intro) 

2014 with the girls (Vivian Aki, Phoebe, me, Hui Ying, Man Yin & Stephanie)

 Back in 2014 you can see how crazy I party cause that was like literally bloated from drinking ( ada proof lagi) LOL

Hey, don't judge. Everyone have their reason over their choices in life. I had to pay for my studies, and they pay good money and don't take up alot of my time, why not? lol (adik nak makan je) 

3. How you juggle with your work and studies? Can concentrate meh?

Cannot concentrate also must force la do you know how expensive fess are?! Ask parents, they sure know(it's increasing, I know, cause I've seen them numbers man!)

Beautifood decided to pay me a visit at INTI while I was having class. It was a refreshing snack (when it comes to that 20min break time and you're too bum to walk down and buy food)

I'm just a typical girl in college, don't really have time to dress up all anymore cause you know (age is actually catching up *coughs)

I've been juggling ever since my diploma anyway so I'm pretty much used to it already by now.
(thanks for your concerns)

4. Why you have so many tattoos one?

Errrm cause it's my body that's why? lol I used to tell people "cause of heartbreak lo"

 and now still the same actually hahah (just to make them laugh so they stop asking) BUT the real reason is that I really love this form of art.
Miss Hard Rock 2014 ( Fun Fact: Miss Hard Rock 2014 was my first pageant competition that I've joined actually)Yea I know I was VERY Skinny. Just remove braces ma(suffered for 2 years cannot enjoy proper food sia)

People who knows me know that i used to have a twin set of triangles ( don't ask me why I just like when it looks "balanced")
But when I had the set of triangles I got soooo much different comments but ONLY 1 made me got tired of hearing- Lift Button.
Go on go on... laugh about it it's okay I'm already over it anyway. I got a nicer mandala tattoo done by the awesome Jenn Neoh from Skin Nation Tattoos. (If you're wondering, most of my tattoos are done by her. You like my tattoos, you'll like her skills. Check her out!

 and YES I'm still planning for more add ons. *wink

5. How many tattoos in total you have ah?

If I count them individually la har( cause I have tattoo which came in a pair lol but it was still tatt on individually tho) I would have like 13? 

This "Faith" tattoo has been with me ever since 2014. it's not new anymore hahah some people that haven't really noticed it was like  "eh?? new tattoo again ah?"
nooo it's been with me for 3 years already!

LOL but to like my mom I say "not much niah la 1 hand can count finish la" ( actually telling the number of times I visited the tattoo parlor only hahaha)

So this is really what people who meet me would actually ask to my face hahaha but it's okay, I'm cool with it. So I hope this actually explains somethings about me to some people.
And that's it, till next!

Next up- Should i take you on a trip?


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