Monday, 14 August 2017

The Ngooi Lads on a Trip

Last Saturday the 3 Ngooi ladies flew down to Kl to attend my mom's 4th brother's 80th birthday. Don't be surprise, my mom is in her 60s but her eldest brother is already 94! and he is still going strong and healthy. So basically it was me and my sister's first time meeting almost all of my relatives from my mom's side. 
So you know my mom( you can recognize her by her hair), my second aunt( She's 80plus probably around 90 already), the 2 on the right is my cousin Sally and her husband( you should see their daughter, hybrid, sure super hot by now). Haven't met my niece since she was 13 i think? and she's just 1 year younger than me so yea( do your maths LOL)

My mom is originally from KL and from what I could recall her saying last time she had 5 siblings including her, BUT i never had thought that the percentage of relatives that I was meeting for the first time is around 90% ! The feeling was like I am in a place where they don't really know me and I don't really know them but THANK GOD that I looked like my mom sooo... not so awkward after cause people start to know that I'm my mom's daughter. 


Yes we are all COUSINS. don't doubt, I just have a massive family that's all LOL. I don't remember all of them but I've manage to recall some childhood memories and remember just 2 or 3 of them. 

my cousins. YUP i think among my cousins from my mom's side me and my sister consider one of the youngest I think. The fun part is where my cousins start telling stories about me and my sister when we were young and stuff. I wasn't very comfortable at first but after a few chats, I get to know soooo much from my mom' side of the family.

This trip was more like a once in a while family trip, so i really spent 4 days with my sister and my mom. And I really enjoyed being around my sister (I'm not being cheesy and Melia if you do read this I'm not asking for anything XD). Basically we go everywhere together during the trip, GO TOILET ALSO GO TOGETHER YOU SEE WE STRONG BOND BOH. Lol(its a joke)

#thengooisisters (we were both dolling up for our uncle's birthday)

Sorry taking a moment to flaunt my flawless make up for that night. LOL.

This was us after HOURS of walking ( including shopping, taking LRT MRT to different stops) Tiring but fun I don't know why maybe not enough sleep cause my brain wiring chao abit. LOL

AND I really need to say this, she is GOOD in taking pictures. hahaha SO basically she was my photographer and I was hers throughout the whole 4 days trip in KL and I LOVEEEEEE IT <3 hahah

note to yourself: always bring your sister along if you want to take nice pictures XD
This one I boh edit ah I only added the writings at the side to upload on insta story LOL (my legs really looked this long when she took the picture. serious one)

She was the person to rely on when it comes to OOTD OOTN pictures already. hahaha but then I'm not bad too tho
Not bad ma right? LOL (but I still prefer to be the on posing in front of the camera XD)

This trip was actually a really good trip because I don't even remember when was the last time I could manage to have a good chat with my sister. I've moved out ever since I was 18 and you know, us teenagers would rather spend more time with our friends than our own sister. SO this trip made me realized how much I've sort of missing out and not spending enough time with her.

Hey don't look at her cute with bangs and that siumai hair and all she can kick your ass like just doing dishes at home. ( abit exaggerating I know LOL) She's a black belt in karate so mai siao siao with her. 

Anyway, that's pretty much all for this and now you know how big my family is( too many relatives cannot fit all into my album LOL) I really do hope to meet more of them, because every time when one sees me they'll go " you look exactly like your mom when she was young". Inside of me is like "duhh what to do she's my maker, my Queen lol"

Till next! 

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