Sunday, 15 October 2017

[Review] Mooshi Mooshi Sushi Anyone?

What do you look for when it comes to Japanese cuisines? For me, freshness is the key. The authenticity of how you see in movies the Japanese prepare each dish like it's a masterpiece, well I've got the chance to experience Japanese cuisine during my trip to KL last weekend and I swear after trying Sango Japanese Restaurant’s Japanese food I think I'm only gonna go for authentic ones(like really handmade from scratch by the chef, Not those from packaging and stuff)


The squad and I were honored to be invited to be the first to try their new menu thanks to Gaylen. Sango Japanese Restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya. They serve authentic Japanese food and I've read up in their facebook page (link here) that there speciality would be the grilled Yakitori! Come come let me bring you down a trip of beautiful and delicious food of Japan.

Salmon Carpocio
This Salmon Carpocio is one of my favourite, like come on who doesn't loves salmon? The raw salmon is served with spicy truffle vinaigrette is what tingle my tastebuds and made me immediately in love with it! The taste is so unforgettable and it's such a refreshing appetizer to kick start our dinner.

Catterpillar Maki
This caterpillar maki which has avocado wrapped with unagi, cucumber with drizzled tare sauce is damn oishi! Anything with avocado is love, and this is no exception. Everything taste so perfectly combo-ed and ohh the freshness! When it comes to Japanese food I really put how fresh their ingredients are.

Gyu Tataki Truffled Ponzu
This is the Gyu Tataki Truffled Ponzu which is made with thinly  sliced raw beef marinated with citrus sauce. This was my first time trying raw beef (I think) and it's actually not that bad. The citrus sauce made this dish extra flavorful. And I cannot resist to enhance that it is very very fresh!

Tempura Moriawase
This Tempura Moriawase consist of a mixture of deep fried prawns, fish, vegetables and which is rightly battered served with Dashi Shoyu Sauce. It was presented so perfectly pretty that no one wanted to make the first move of eating it. Lol

Jumbo Seafood Teppanyaki
OMG I must totally boast about this Jumbo Seafood Teppanyaki because it's seafood and the taste of this the special sauce is no joke SEDAPPP! There was a huge piece( for me la cause you should have seen the amount of food that was served to us. Other customers might be thinking wah this bunch of girls are big eaters for their size. Lol) Yea come to think of it, my whole squad is literally petite girls( petite rocks). Anyway, so there's salmon, squid, prawns perfectly cooked on a Teppanyaki.

Sango Bento Box
This Sango Bento box has a combination of few different dishes: fresh sashimi, maki roll, salmon teriyaki, tori karage and chilled soba noodles. the salmon and tuna sashimi is just so fresh that I can't recall when was the last time I've had such yummy and fresh raw seafood.

Wagyu Kushiyaki

Next would be the Wagyu Kushiyaki which charcoal grilled beef with sea salt garlic chip. After this experience the next time I visit a Japanese restaurant I would definitely order a beef dish cause it is just soooo savory. Their beef taste so different and it's something new to my tastebuds.

Wagyu Toban Yaki
And last but not least, this would be the best of the best I've ever tried- the Wagyu Toban Yaki. The fresh sliced of beef is pan fried on a ceramic plate, and gosh I tell you, in order for me to explain how awesome this dish was is I'll only ask you to try it yourself. I've found a new love dish thanks to Sango Japanese Restaurant, next time I'll go around asking for this dish( don't care bout the price ask people belanja) hahaha.

Meet my new friend!

Overall the experience was awesome. I've manage to meet a few new friends and also got the chance to catch up with the squad. The food taste, the laughter, the little talks we had made this dinner such an unforgettable one. Sango Japanese Restaurant really left a 10/10 impression for me and I would definitely go back again. Here are some details about them:

Crystal Crown Hotel( Second Floor) Petaling Jaya.
Lorong Utara A, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hours: Mon- Sun 12pm - 230pm 6pm - 1030pm
Contact: +60379585228
Facebook Page: Sango Japanese Restaurant

And here"s some pictures of us pigging out. lol


  1. That arrangement of of that Tempura Moriawase is dope! Usually tempura just spread on basket.


  2. They do look appetizing, wish i can have a taste of one of those. If you have an Igbo restaurant near you, just walk in and have a taste of Igbo cuisine, you will also enjoy it.

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