Monday, 2 October 2017

Unboxing Althea box like it's Christmas already!

Come on girls just admit it, everything made in Korea won't seem to disappoint us. From the Oppas and Noonas ( yes I had that Kpop phrase but you can't deny everyone would have a lil Kpop in there somewhere lol), till the fashion and almost everything made in Korea is close to perfection we all know that. hahaha

And all thanks to Althea , they're like my Savior cause they ship products all the way from Korea and finally I have my first box with me which is the Althea Box #26 Beauty Lifeguard box!  If you are interested in purchasing, you can click here and trust me you would get stuck for at least hours looking thru products in Althea's official website ( they look like they have everything and the price is shockingly quite affordable!) And here's a lil tip, they have new boxes monthly and the price, the price itself would make your jaw drop! I was lucky enough to get this before it SOLD OUT! (thank God!)

It's time to share the happiness! so here's what came in that little pink  box, the Beauty Lifeguard #26 box:

1. Tony Moly BCDATION OiOi Waterproof Cushion ( 23 Warm Beige)
2. Holika Holika Face Conditioner Long Lasting Makeup Fixer

3. Milky Dress Barbie Make Mascara
4. VDL Expert Color Primer For Eyes (Serenity)
5. Wangskin Lip Tatoo Tint Pack (Pink)


Tony Moly BCDATION OiOi Waterproof Cushion (23 Warm Beige)

This OiOi BCDATION waterproof Cushion Foundation from Tony Moly comes with SPF 50+ to keep your face protected from the sun! It is definitely a product you need if you're always out on the run or even when you're having your summer vacation. It's compact and convenient to carry around which does not takes up much space in your bag. Usually for foundation I'll always go for cushion cause i prefer light coverage as if there's nothing on my face as most of the time I'll have to focus more on my eye make up and i can't have everything heavy on 1 face now can I? hahaha So usually I'll look for a good coverage cushion foundation and Oh the coverage! I love it that it's light yet awesome coverage and it also comes with sebum controlling powder to keep your skin looking fresh and matte-looked keeping your face oil free! 

To make sure your foundation last the whole day, this next item is what I strongly recommend!

Holika Holika Face Conditioner Long Lasting Makeup Fixer

This I tell you, is a must have. Normally I don't use make up fixer (cause previously never thought of having one) and NOW, this is something I could never live without. This is the Holika Holika Face Conditioner Long Lasting Makeup Fixer With just some spritz on your face and your make up is ready to last the whole day! Gosh the scent, I have a thing for scents and this fixer comes with a light rosy scent as it contains western rose water, crown sap, birch sap, lotus extract and lemon extract to moisturize the skin, keeping your skin look dewy all day!

(left) Milky Dress Barbie Make Mascara (right) VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes
My focus during my make up routine would always be my eye make up. And we all know that to own a good brand of mascara could be quite pricy(sometimes) and it is important that when it comes to mascara it doesn't causes clumps or smudges after a long day. And this Milky Dress Barbie Make Mascara is now my new best make up friend hahaha! This mascara gives your lashes the curling effect, more volumized and LONGER LOOKING LASHES( see now I've got your attention hahaha)

There's 2 end to the mascara brush, there's the curled side where you first use this end to make your lashes into C-curls. Then, just rotating the brush (tadaaa it's the flat side), sweep upwards in zig zag motion from the roots onwards. This could give your lashes the extra length and also lifting effect.

Next would be the VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes. Seriously thanks to this box I finally realize the importance of primer. My eyeshadow lasted throughout 6hours of work and I love it! Not only that, VDL's eye primer really helped to make my eye make up more vivid and with no excess product is needed! save cost siaa. hahaha Just apply the primer enough the cover your entire eyelid, wait for it to dry and voilaaa your canvas is ready.

Wangskin Lip Tatoo Tint Pack ( Pink)

Do not get shock by the colour because it is just the beginning stage LOL. This Wangskin Lip Tatoo Tint Pack is what every girl should have. For those who wants their lips looking always painted with lipstick this is an item you must go for. It may get messy the first few use but when you're used to it you'll know how powerful this product is. The end results in a more reddish pink tone. All that you need to take notice is that you'll need to make sure it's entirely dry till you peel it off to ensure your lip colour looks even, or else it'll look patchy and you'll end up looking like a blood sucking vampire XD The steps are easy, just make sure you apply an even layer and wait for at least 15-20minutes for it to dry. ( if it's 20minutes past and it's not dry yet then leave it on for awhile more till it's entirely dried off)

So that is all 5 full size product from Althea, directly shipped from Korea and oh! if you prefer to watch how excited I was doing this unboxing alongside with Christina Ho , Watch Here:

It is my first time doing an unboxing video, so please excuse the non-professionalism as I am still learning XD Enjoy how we looked like little girls who got their first set of make up. And STAY TUNED as Christina gives a VVIP ( wanna know who? watch this video till the end ;) _ a day look with what came in the Althea boxes, till then! Follow my Facebook and Instagram for more updates!


  1. What a lovely beauty goodies you've got! Am eyeing for those liptints :)

  2. What a lovely beauty goodies you've got! Am eyeing for those liptints :)

  3. My favourite BB cushion. Moist and blend well with my skin.

  4. I love Althea beauty boxes. All these products look good.