Saturday, 2 December 2017

[Review]More Radiant Hair with Aperio Natural

So I've recently had a MAJOR haircut, yea most of you could see that I've cut my hair short, like High school short. I don't have a choice! Cannot tahan already cause of my previously bleached hair( I did it cause it was a show and hey, they were paying goood. lol) But I liked my hair that time cause it just screams me, and now its gone for good cause it was so damanged I didn't know how to handle it anymore. So yea, I cut it ALLLLL away! lol 

I have naturally coarse dry hair and when I had my hair bleached, it got even worse. And now since its all gone, I have to take care of my natural hair . And ever since then I'm asking and surveying around like "hey, whats a good and reasonable priced shampoo right now?" And thanks to Aperio Natural Cherry Blossom Radiance set, I could have well tamed and radiant hair for the festive season!

Let me tell you a lil' bit about Aperio. Aperio Natural is an American brand and they do not conduct test on animals, one of the reason why Aperio made me thinking "not bad, no harm trying" and their products are free from harmful substances like Parabens, alcohol, animal ingredients and etc. 

Aperio Natural Cherry Blossom Radiance set
It's colourless and it has a mild blossom floral scent
Cherry Blossom Radiance Shampoo
What actually made me go wow during the first pump was the scent, I think I've repeated this many times but yes I am a scent maniac( is it called as so?) and the light floral scent is really what I love from this shampoo. The Cherry Blossom Radiance Shampoo works by gently cleansing which is formulated with Aesculus Hippocastanum extract and yeast extract which helps to promote healthier and stronger hair, and that's what actually my hair needs! I'v been using it for a week now and my hair does feel soft every single use. and I have to repeat how I love the smell! This shampoo also contains ingredients such as algae extract, Botanical Extracts and also Vitamin B5!


Aperio Natural Cherry Blossom Hair Defense Leave-In Conditioner
Light milky colour with mild blossom scent

Cherry Blossom Hair Defense Leave-In Conditioner

What I love about this conditioner is that it could be used on damped hair and also dry hair! The Cherry Blossom Hair Defense Leave in Conditioner helps to make sure you'll have more shine, volumized and detangled hair. This conditioner helps to moisturize dry and damaged hair while also you could end up with detangled and less frizzier hair! I really love this leave in conditioner and I'll use it before drying my hair, once I'm done blow-drying my hair it feel much softer and also smoother! What is in it you ask? It is made up of ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Olive Oil and not forgetting Vitamin B5 too!

And as I have mentioned earlier, I've been using for a week now and I'm quite satisfied with what I see now and I can't wait to share my results with you after using for a month( excited!). If you have frizzy coarse hair like mine, give it a shot! you wouldn't know whether is works on you or not unless you try it right? And since December is a festive month, Aperio Natural is having a Christmas Promo which could go up to 60% discount from the 1st of December to the 25th of December! If you wanna find out more and Aperio's other products or even to get your hands on this Radiance set for someone you know who needs it, check out the links below (good things must share, you wouldn't regret checking it out):

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