Thursday, 14 December 2017

[Unboxing] Guess who's back with another Lovely box?

It's the month of giving as Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're still having the trouble of getting gifts for people here I am to help you! Yup, it's another Althea Box review and let me tell you why Althea boxes could be the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Althea Box #31 Lovely Dewy Box

Althea's products are shipped directly from Korea at just clicks away and trust me, the product range is just sooooooo many! Every month they would release 2 types of boxes (so I literally stalk Althea's page every day) and don't even make me mention bout the price! This time round I've got my hands on Althea Box #31 the Lovely Dewy Box! This box comes with 5 full size Korean beauty products in 1 magical price. How magical you ask? For all the 5 products in a box it is only rm110! (It is just soooo worth it I cannot) So let me show you the magical products that cam in Althea's Box #31 the Lovely Dewy box.

Laneige White Dew SKin Refiner

The first product that came in Althea box #31 Lovely Dewy Box is the LANEIGE White Dew Skin Refiner which is a light weight gentle moisturizer that whitens and brighten the skin for a more radiant glow. The scent itself got me gaga, anything that smells good and floral-ish could just make me fall in love instantly and not to mention that after applying the water based product it instantly absorbs and it doesn't leaves skin feeling sticky or oily( this is what I really love about this product). By using it day and night as part of your skincare routine and your skin would go toing toing( you know those skincare ads model with bouncy skin) and softer too!

Son & Park Concealer Cube

Another product that came in this box is the SON & PARK Concealer Cube. The packaging itself already got me melted, as the name calls it this concealer comes in a cute cube packaging and it's small and convenient enough to put it in your bag! Son & Parks Concealer Cube give a natural gloss and coverage making skin clearer and more smoother! The coverage so lasting that it could even last me till the evening and just with a lil' powder up, and I'm good to go.( no necessary re-application, save cost hahaha)

Tony Moly Crystal Lovely Eyes

Next product which came in this lovely box is the TONY MOLY Crystal Lovely Eyes that came in Gold Beam and OMG I just love how sparkly it appears with just 1 stroke! I usually use this at the inner corner of my eye to make me look more awake. This 2 in 1 product comes with an eye shadow in one end and an eyeliner on the other! I'll use this product as a final touch to my eye make up by lining my waterline with the eyeliner and the inner corner of my eyes with the eye shadow.( voila, bigger brighter eyes!) 
It's My Lips Crayon

This is the IT'S MY Lip Crayon which came in Nudie Coral colour is a soft and smooth lip crayon that glides on effortlessly on the lips. Now let me tell you why I love this lip crayon: it helps to keep my lips hydrated I don't drink water very often( I'm trying to change this bad habit) which causes me to have chapped lips. And with the help of this lip crayon i get to keep my lips hydrated all day without any oiliness and stickiness!

Product Listing:

3. Tony Moly Crystal Eyes (Gold Beam)
4. It's My Lips Crayon ( Nudie Coral)

So that is all that came in the Althea Box #31 the Lovely Dewy box, and if you are interested to know the price of each product just click on each description above as you may purchase this products individually too. And if you are interested to know more about the other boxes Althea has, Click here and to keep on track whenever there are new boxes or promotion on Facebook, click here! Trust me, you won't regret scrolling. 

Oh Pssst! watch the video of me and Iris Yeoh who made this unboxing session a fun one! If you would like to read about my previous Althea unboxing blog, click here. Stay Jolly everyone!

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