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Plan Your Wedding at The Heart of Penang [PIWE]

When it comes to Penang, many would first mention about how good Penang food is. But did you know? Our beautiful island actually have so much more to offer? Every Penangite should know and be proud of our Penang island and what other gem this place have to offer. From sandy beaches, Unique heritage buildings and also not forgetting the street art that pops up around Georgetown. Tho I'm not born in Penang but I spend almost all my life here so literally I would call myself a Penangite! ( and super proud to be one.yay!) And hey you lovebirds, why go through the hassle of having your wedding elsewhere when you can have it in the heart of Penang? From breezy beaches, historical UNESCO buildings( definitely insta worthy)  to busy streets, the beauty of Penang would make your wedding shoot a spectacular and memorable one.  

Image credits to Louis Lim.

Well, I've got you covered before you further any questions. Worry about where do you start from when it comes to wedding planning? Thinking about which bridal house has the best offer? Or thinking about surveying regarding wedding packages but just don't know where to start? Do not worry as #PIWE is just right here for you!

PIWE ( Penang International Wedding Expo) was ignited by Gochecorp and endorsed by the Penang State Government which is also supported by the Penang Global Tourism. This is gonna be Penang's first ever wedding expo. What this expo is going to be about is to bring you everything that you need to have the perfect wedding.( girls, wouldn't you love that?) Vendors from hotels, bridal houses, photographers, decorators and designers, jewellers, food caterers and many more other vendors from all over Penang would be part of this expo! This wedding expo is going to be your one stop solution with more than 150 exhibitors booth that offers high end quality products and services from both locally and internationally, there'll be so many booths for you to choose and visit! You definitely would not wanna miss any booths, what if you missed the perfect package for you? my advice, drop by every booth if you have the time. haha 

Image credits to Louis Lim

If you were in Penang last few weeks I'm pretty sure you heard about or came across eight brides on a trishaw mingling around Beach Street? And I'm sure you've notice a few people wearing a white tee with #PIWE? Yup that's us! I had so much fun being a crew, running around together with the photographers to get a good photo. If you didn't know what happened during this event, let me share with you. So on that Sunday morning, PIWE had a marketing campaign which features 8 brides which caught everyone's attention along the streets of Georgetown, from Beach Street, Peranakan Mansion, to Chew Jetty. It was tiring as hell being a crew, but never regretted a moment as I've learn alot from this task. If you're interested to check out more photos of what went down and how pretty the 8 brides look, you can scroll on or search the hashtags on Facebook or Instagram #PIWE #PIWE2018 #foreverinpenang.

And here let me blind you with the beauties and the beauty of Penang:







Image credits to Mr Boon Choon Lim.
If I was the groom I would have a headache picking a bride. All of them were so gorgeous!

Image credits to photographer Harris Yong.
She just looks like a mermaid who controls the weather. Wow!

Image credit to Mr Yeoh Peng Hong.
See the amount of photographers took part? I had some trouble getting just a little closer to take a photo of the brides but I was just too petite for people to notice so I just gave up. hahaha sad.

Image credits to Mr Yeoh Peng Hong.
8 of the brides were show stopping, photographers couldn't stop clicking on their camera to get a good shot.

Groupfie! I had fun learning and also catching up with old friends. The brides were awesome, they had to go through the hot sun and still have to look pretty. Bravo girls!

If you wanna know more about PIWE 2018, you can check out the following:

Penang International Wedding Expo 2018 []
Venue: Setia Spice Convention Centre
Date: 16th-18th March 2018
For more information about PIWE 2018 kindly
contact +6016-416 0638 , email at or drop a personal message on Facebook Penang International Wedding Expo

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