Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Bedazzle Your Eyes With Horien Eye Secret

When it comes to giving an impression the eyes play a very important role especially that is what people would notice first when they are talking to you. Thanks to Horien Eye Secret, I get to change around my eye colour for this Chinese New Year!

When it comes to lenses, I usually get mine online which everyone should know about cause there are many online stores that are selling but there is just one thing that I dislike about it is that my eyes tend to get dry faster and towards the night the lens feel so dry it's like trying to harden itself to your eyeball( if this make sense lol). Surprisingly, Horien Eye Secret lenses could last longer than those I've purchased online!

I've always seen Horien this brand around but i never got the chance to try them on, and now i have. So Horien Eye Secret is actually from Taiwan and Horien Optic Malaysia which was established back in 2014 that aims to introduce the safest and best quality lenses for Malaysian users. Their reputation has always been tied with high quality and safe products with a competitive pricetag. Horien Eye Secret series lenses are one of the most favorable brand in Taiwan when it comes to contact lenses and it's value of high demand which got themselves crowned the Taiwan Excellence Award for 2 years in a row!

Horien Eye Secret is a 3 month disposable colored contact lens which consist of 38% water content to ensure there is moisture in the lens and also slow down water loss which would make it more comfortable to wear throughout the day. This on my finger is the green tone, it does not really look like green but more grey-ish to me so that's why I tried this one first. My lenses are all mostly brown and grey and nothing else hahah and probably a pair of pink lens cause I prefer more natural looking lenses instead of those funky colored ones, well lets just say those days are over. lol Horien Eye Secret uses Bio- molcule 3D Wrap (BMW) Technology that to ensure the colour additives will not leak and also wearing comfort. Dry lenses makes you less attractive and how are you gonna electrify people with those eyes when you're struggling to open them cause of dryness right?

Tadaaaa So here is me wearing only on the right side Horien Eye Secret colored lenses which is in green. It really does look like grey and yassssss I would wear it everyday! It's because I've said above like how my lenses are mostly brown and grey and this tone does really look like grey.

So here is the close up. See how bright my right eye look? Gosh and I like how it's not so enlarge till your pupils looks extremely big but this size is just right. See how it looks grey? yes that's why I'm in love. hahah

It is highly introduced which 38% daily contact lens c/w advance formula, improved material and also a lovely packaging. What this series features are:
  • 38% water content
  • Sodium Hyaluronate & Trehalose
  • BMW 3D Wrap Technology
  • UV Protection Function
  • Artificial Intellectual
  • Bigger Tinted Area
  • 7-9mm wide optic Zone; including eye catching floral design packaging
  • 4 new adorable colours
  • and last but not least "Bigger eyes with high comfort vision"

This is the Gold tone.

This is in Blue tone.

So this is how I look like after having both sides on. How do I look? Do I suddenly look like Jolin Tsai a lil'  bit not? hahaha just kiddin  anyway, I am really in love with Horien's Green tone which I don't know how it does not look like green but grey and I love it! I tried wearing it from noon till i work at night and it's fine for me or probably cause where I work is alot of Air-conditioning around and it might feel a lil dry, but once a drop of eye drop and you're ready to continue the night. hahaha
If you're interested to get those electrifying eyes hurry and check out Horien Eye Secret official website and give them a thumbs up on their Facebook Page too!

and oh, don't forget about mine too! Click here to give some love to my Facebook page and here to my Instagram! I just can't wait to show off my new lenses this Chinese New Year!

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