Saturday, 26 January 2019

Maintain the V with ID. AZ CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Mask

Let me tell you something, 
when you're already pass your mid 20s is it true that you will start needing to care more bout your body so what's more your skin? Our skin deteriorates as we age and gravity is gonna be mean to our skin causing it to sag if it's not taken care of properly. There are many things that was a habit back in your early 20s that it's not advisable to stick with it. Such as, washing your face occasionally when you feel like it, or not removing your make up before you sleep, or even not putting sunscreen on, all these are gonna make you regret when you start seeing signs just like me. Lol yes I was a rebel but who wasn't right at their teens your young adult phase. The me nowadays makes my daily skincare routine an important task cause no one's gonna take care of you for you okay? Those eye mask, sheet mask, sleeping mask (quality ones of course) are the things you're gonna thank for. 

 Thanks to The Butterfly Project and also our Mamasan Tammy, I've got another masking product to pamper my skin with. Saggy skin is a big no no but if you don't do something about it now, it's might get worse later. Better late than sorry right? So this I have with me is the ID. AZ CU-V Tensioning sleeping mask,before I go in let me share with you what ID. AZ does. 

 ID.AZ is a Korean brand from ID Placosmetics. It is a part of the ID group, which they specializes in Health and Beauty from Facial Surgery to non-invasive functional cosmetics. There's a ID hospital with the most advanced medical equipment and system that provides medical treatments such as plastic surgery, dental, and dermatology. The ID. AZ face fit product series is a functional cosmetics product line that aids in finding your beauty contours. With proprietary ingredients and patented formulations, Face Fit helps in slimming, giving volume and lifting to give that V to your face.

 The ID. AZ CU-V Tensioning sleeping mask comes in a sleek white silver packaging which is really glamorous to me. I couldn't resist putting it under the sun for the glittery effect. It's a 30ML white creamed and lightly scented which is is quite acceptable to me. I'm not really a oily mask fan I don't really enjoy the sticky feeling the next day but this mask isn't that bad at all. 

 It's smooth texture allows easy application. Basically after your usual skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing or for some people after applying essence and Serum, apply an even layer daily and just go to bed like usual. This mask helps in giving you back the firm elasticity of your skin. BUT we all know nothing comes from laziness so it's advisable to use in daily in order to achieve the V face shape result.

 The packaging of the ID. AZ CU-V Tensioning sleeping mask is what made my eyes glowing already in the first place. I would try to routine this mask along with my daily routine as I don't think it's very oily or sticky to the point that it irritates me, and the smell is well lightly scented. I'm pretty sure that there's a slight result but I can't really tell much due to my haggard lifestyle. Lol
 so girls, make sure you have your “me time” after some haggard routine, it'll definitely cut you a lot more work after. Lol This mask helps to improve skin density, saggy face, lifting and anti-aging. 

 If you wanna try this V shaping sleeping mask for yourself, you can bring yourself or along with your girlfriends as Watson is selling it at the price of RM199 but if you wanna know whether are there special promotions going on, do check out their outlets or their online store. Let's get our faces a Sharp V before the new year comes! 

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