Wednesday 30 January 2019

Shoo Discomfort Away with Uri-Comfort

I'm pretty sure most of you ladies out there could related to what is it to feel like to have UTI. 
UTI which stands for Urinary tract infection is an infection of the kidney, ureter, bladder, or urethra. Not everyone experience the same symptoms but the common ones include a frequent urge to urinate and pain or burning when urinating. The feeling of having to rush to the toilet every minute is just stressful. I've experienced UTI a few times but my first few was horrifying. It really hurts like hell and all you can do is grip and quench your teeth hard praying the pain will go away soon. Usually my go to medication is Ural, which helps to neutralize it and it really does help. But today, I've been Introduced which helps to improve and maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Uri-Comfort by Dynamic Nutritions combines cranberry and hibiscus for urinary tract health. This new innovative formulation from Naturex(France) works by reducing E. Coli adhesion and inhibit bacteria growth in our urinary tract. It is 100‰ natural with no added sodium, sugar or artificial sweetener. It contains of 48mg PACs combined with hibiscus flower extract. Uri-Comfort is also has scientifically proven ingredients by Ellirose and Cysticran and it improves and maintains urinary tract health instead of just symptomatic relief. 

You can really taste the cranberry and it's good, I love cranberries. lol The direction to drink it is to mix a sachet in a 250ml of water then gulp away. I would say Uri-Comfort is something that could come handy to me in a long run cause as you know or you may not, there are high chances of a women to have UTI through their lifetime and it would come back on occasions. I had my few UTI moments and I don't think I want it to come back. Lol thanks to Uri-Comfort now I don't have to worry bout quenching my pain away during another UTI moment.

If you would like to try Uri-Comfort here's the link to it, and if you're interested to find out what other products Dynamic Nutrition has to offer then head over to their official site here. I hope this was helpful to you. Cheerio!


  1. Cranberries is a good way to prevent UTI but it will not treat UTI. So, to treat UTI you can take herbal supplements for urine infection. This is herbal supplement cures UTI naturally.

  2. Ayurvedic medicines for urine infection, such as triphala, helps in relieving UTI.