Sunday, 24 February 2019

Mesmerize Your Eyes with Barbie Eyesland

The coloured lens craze has been going on since my high school time and I've got to say I'll never get over it. I started wearing coloured contact lenses since I was 13,yup definitely my first choice for to go for the blue/green/violet one. Lol the brighter the better. And as years go by more and more people gets the chance to transform their eye colour doesn't matter whether you have bad eyesight or perfectly good eyesight thanks to Korean colored lenses. The trend has changed from really bright coloured lenses to a more subtle and natural but still give the mesmerizing effect. Thanks to Barbie Eyesland, I have new colored lens to be added to my collection.

Barbie Eyesland is a online contact lens shop which has a wide variety of ready stock Korean lenses. And by wide I mean I can't even make up my mind which to choose, I just wanna try all! Lol they also provided shipping worldwide, that just proves how trust-able they are. I used to sell colored lenses online too when I was in high school and from what I can see, Barbie Eyesland is Consider one of the well established online lens shop that is local and known internationally. Their site really allows easy navigation such as their lenses are categorized by colour and diameter. 

 The coloured lenses that I usually go for are the Brown and Grey. I love how brown and grey gives the more natural effect and still you can choose to subtle Grey or bright Grey. This is the Urban Brown. The lenses I've got this time are all 14.5mm in diameters and I would say it's pretty natural. I use to opt for lenses with bigger diameter so that my eyes could look bigger but as time goes by (come to think of it, I've been using coloured lenses for more than 10years already) I've realized that natural sizes lens are actually more suitable for my pupils. (and it doesn't scared people off lol)

 This I'm wearing Julia Brown, also in 14.5mm diameter. I like how light the brown is as it really softens the eye. I have this lens on for both day and night look and it's definitely mesmerizing. Comfort wise I would say it drys up quite fast, ain't sure whether it's because my eyes dry super fast. Other than that, I'm definitely going back for more. Lol

 They even have cute lenses cases like this! If you wanna try this lens for yourself, here's the link to Julia Brown, the one I have on. Here's a hint: The more you buy the cheaper it gets. They have discounts up to 40 percent which all you have to pay is the price of rm20-rm25, cheap right? So gather your girlfriends and head over to Barbie Eyesland official site to check out their wide collection of coloured lenses. You definitely will find the one that could be dazzled those eyes for you.   

Website: Barbie eyesland
Facebook: Barbie
Instagram: Eyesland_lens

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