Sunday, 3 February 2019

De Human Eyes Can Tell You More Than Just An Eye Check

Did you know?
That the human eye could actually tell you certain things bout your health? Yea I didn't know that too till my recent experience with De Human Eyes. Before I go on, let me share my experience when it comes to eye check. The last eye check I've went was last year, where I decided to get clear lenses so I could work conveniently. Sadly it discomfort me plus I've chucked aside my broken glasses cause well, it's broken. Lol I have bad astigmatism where I can't really see during the night and I usually ‘agak-agak’ drive with my super bad eyesight. As months go by, I do not dare to risk my life or anyone who I am fetching during the night cause I'll literally be blinded by car's headlights. 

Since it was the new year, so I was thinking that it's about time to get myself a proper eyewear so that I do not need to strain my eyes so hard and so often. On a daily basis my eyesight is always blur and as usual I'll just ‘agak-agak’ my view thru anything. De Human Eyes was recommended by one of  my girls friends and they've been telling me that I should go check it out myself.

De Human Eye is located on the first floor of Queensbay Mall which is located on the first floor just right in front of Espresso Bar, you definitely won't miss it. I can honestly tell you this is one optical shop with the most frames available. I'M SERIOUS. Lol the moment you walk in you're greeted with all sorts of frames that could suit any face shape or any preferability. I admit, I was pretty nervous entering the exam room to find out how bad my eyesight has gone. I've stop wearing glasses or lenses for a year and I know for sure that it's gonna deteriorate.

What's unique about De Human Eyes is that they'll provide you a friendly thorough eye check with a special machine. What I mean by special is like normally eye checks only uses 1 machine but as I could remember through my nervousness I went thru more than 1 machine, that made me a lil scared. It was definitely my first time experiencing this sort of eye check and it was super nerve-wrecking especially when Mr. Melban asked my age, the gang then came in and I manage to calm myself down. After resting my chin on a few machines, what Mr. Melban,the founder of De Human Eyes told me really shocked me, Gave me a eye opening knowledge about the human eye. 

 See this right here? That's my pupil with a cloudy ring around it. What's seen here is related to the cholesterol level in my body, and I was advised that it's about time to get my body checked up. This really got me shook and thinking cause all these years I didn't have to balls to get my body checked cause I was afraid to know what is wrong with me. After listening to what Mr. Melban said, I think I'd probably arrange a full body check soon. Lol *kiasi 

Thank God there was nothing serious bout my eyes, my eyesight power may have increased but it's still not that bad. So after the eye check is done we were served over their counter will full of all sorts of frames, I was literally in awe. Thanks to Mr. Melban I've managed to get a new eye wear done. At first I wanted to just pick a normal black frame which is easy to match with anything, but Gaylen and Chan was there and they said “no one wears black frame glasses anymore la” lol 
End up I've been flooded with dozens of trendy frames to try on. I was literally in a dilemma due to all those cute frames thrown at me to try. I really love their service, their friendly and definitely super patience when it comes to picking the perfect frame for their customers. 

 My thoughts about De Human Eyes is that their service is just on top and I'll definitely make them my long term optical problem solver. Lol And they are super efficient, they called me 2days after and my glasses are ready to be pick up. WOW. They are friendly, super patience and also super efficient, what else could you want more? Lol 
Watch my video to see how my experience went at De Human Eye. If you're interested to get yourself a new eye wear or even check your eye health, then you should definitely head there now and get a perfect eye wear to strut during the new year or just check out their Facebook Page.   

De Human Eyes

1F-17 Queensbay Mall, 100 Bayan Bay (6.10 km)
11900 Bayan Lepas

Contact: 04-644 2261

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