Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Review: That Face needs a break too!

Let's just get straight to the point. Why did I started blogging again? Well, many of my friends are doing it now and they are really( like really enjoying their time when it comes to them sharing about places they went and having good food good deals, it got me at good deals). SO, here I'm back blogging but changing up a notch. 

Everyone knows that I'm a beauty lover, I EXTREMELY( not normal only) loveeeeee beauty products. People ask me " why ah you're so good in make up but you don't want to be make up artist?" FYI, I know my own creativity level, so I KNOW why I did not choose to be a make up artist. LOL it's just because when I was in high school( my generasi la har) many of them planning to take up beauty courses once they're done with SPM. I wanted too, but 8TV food TV Show changed my mind( a fact bout me) so that's why I choose Mass Communication. ( I'm very happy with my choice, no regrets really.)

When I had blonde hair and she said she loved
it XD (looking hot momma)

Recently I've met up with Gaylen (read her blog here:, she is really my role model la, she's a super mom( serious no joke). I always tell my boyfriend that " wah, Gaylen damn keat man! One day I also wanna be like her if can". (I'm not asking for anything Gaylen XD it is true everyone knows it)

Okay continuing, I get over excited in introduction sometimes that's why I'll end up with soooo much crap. lol So she somehow saw my skin condition and she didn't say much already, handed me masks straight. (so i got the message XD) And here I'm gonna share my experience with AEY Naked Mask.

So i barely( like very rare) will have the time to go for a facial so i definitely would do the pampering at home. I'm basically a mask collector( I have so many different types of mask my bf say even if i use everyday I can use for half a year XD ass he) and I LOVEEEEEE mask that hydrates my skin( I have to put on make up every night for work so my skin tend to be more on the dry side)

AEY charcoal Deep Cleaning mask

It even comes with application instructions on the back
(just apply an even layer on a clean face starting from the T-Zone
 and moving outwards in long even strokes. Leave it on for 5-8 minutes)

As you can see, he has redness at the jaw area.
He's focused on watching Spiderman that's why
the pout. 

Since my bf was free in the morning so I used his face to experiment a lil XD 

This charcoal deep cleansing mask helps to flush out toxins and dirt from our skin, since he had redness on his skin so it was pretty ideal to use it on him. It is Charcoal that acts as an active ingredient which is like a magnet that sucks out the dirt that is clogged up in our skin. The scent is awesome( I'm a scent lover, anything that suits my nose buds it goes XD). 


I would say this mask is definitely suitable for me to use after removing my make up after work at night. It doesn't really need much effort on application and it only takes 8 minutes!

Since he's done and satisfied, it's my turn! And let me tell you how I love this mask!

As you can see, I have really heavy eye bags
(can't help it, have to conquer the world one day
so must work hard lol) 

AEY 10 Minutes Radiant Glow Mask 

This is one mask that I literally fell in love with the moment I apply. The rosy scent is a 5/5 for me! It consist a soothing effect which quenches the thirst of our skin. Staying up late nights and having make up on for long hours really does dehydrates our skin, and the key ingredient is the extract of black rose which allows us to get back that baby silky soft skin. With the combination of Magnolia and Rose oil, it tones and soothes properties which leaving our skin plumper, cleaner and of course brighter!

If you're thinking " aiyo filter how to see?" TRUST ME, no filter no beautify also I just used my BFs HuaWei Matte 9 (OMG the image quality i tell you, so jelly!)

I rarely upload photos of myself with no make up.
So here it's my first,( ignore my lashline, went
for extensions and its falling off)

The result was so instant that it shocked me actually. I didn't expect my skin to become brighter by just having it on for 10 minutes! Usually the instruction given on the packaging of masks we bought and it usually requires us to at least put it on for 15-20 minutes, so if you're looking for something which you can settle it fast, go for this! 10minutes was all it needs, you can have it on and probably have breakfast while waiting for it to get done( serious, no mess)

That is all for this review! stay tune for more! 
Let me know in the comment box on what else could i blog about. Till next!

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