Sunday, 3 September 2017

Carmen Shares: Top Influencers You Should know

Let’s admit it, we always tend to have the headache of searching for new trends to follow, or to look up inspiration on what and how to dress for a next event, or just the fun of scrolling through pictures of stylish good looking people, and it is always fun to look at how well they put together their “OOTD” or how stunning and fresh designer clothing wrapped around stunning looking models. 

Well, this could be your cheapest way to keep up with fashion as you scroll through your newsfeed on any social media platform. So here a few Malaysian style influencers that you should not miss. They offer fashion ideas and tips as well!

            The first influencer is Jazel Lim, whom I have personally met before during Mean Machine 2014. Jazel is a humble and bubbly girl as I could have remembered. Her style rocks from casual to sports. She and her boyfriend could be seen working out together gym frequently as we could see on her Instagram to maintain her toned fit body. To know more, you could follow her on Instagram (jazelxlim) or on Facebook (Jazel Lim).

            Another influencer that we all should know would be Xandria Ooi. Xandria did not start off as a style influencer but her style in fashion deserves our attention. She would always manage to put through outfits that could make her beautiful figure stand out. Another reason to why we should follow Xandria’s feed is how inspirational and motivating her page is. She would always spread good vibes by sharing a healthy dose of life lessons. She definitely deserve to let people know more about how inspirational she is, so follow her on Facebook ( Xandria Ooi).

            If you are looking for a new look for your boyfriend or your husband, you should not miss out Asia’s Top Fashion Influencer, Wak Doyok. He is well known to be dressed like a gentleman, with his clean-cut suit sets which comes in various designs at breathtaking places like Venice to make us go back for more of his iconic gentlemen looks. Come on, who wouldn’t want to have a change in style once in a while? That white boyfriend tee trend might still be around but no harm trying something new. For more classy looks, follow him on Facebook and also Instagram.

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