Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Tea session with the girls at Teels Herritage

Olllaaaaaa! As I've mentioned in my previous post and I'm sorry for keeping you curious cats waiting, so here it is!

Too busy enjoying my wine to bother about what's going on around me.
photo credits to Harris Yong

I had a chance to spend my afternoon tea with a group of pretty bloggers all thanks to teels herritage! Teels Heritage or also called as Teels cafe is a exquisite ( later you will know why, very atas one) restaurant/ cafe which is located at Burmah Road just above of Ghee Hiang, opposite Union Primary school. You deffinitely can't miss if cause the exterior of the building is painted in red and blue, classic combo of colors!

The girls and I were hosted in the Queen Victoria's Parlour for our tea session.

The interior, gosh! I feel like I'm in England for a moment.
Girls, this is a must place if you're looking for OOTD locations.
Just look at it! all it's missing is you and your girlfriends. could you imagine that?

Stunning isn't it? So this is one of the exquisite rooms offered in Teels Cafe. The moment you enter the building you would come across Ghee Hiang which is located on the ground floor, and oh do all Penangites know about Ghee Hiang's famous traditional pastries( they're undeniably famous of how good they taste). As you proceed to the first floor, you would be able to notice the beauty of Teels Cafe interior design. And oh yea, make sure your camera is fully charged, soooo many nice set ups for your next Instagram post!

And so we were hosted in the Queen Victoria's Parlour and the tea set the was served to us is the Queen's Supreme Banquet Platter( it's rm138.80 but it's enough to fill quite enough for 4 of us lol! probably cause we are small eaters XD) and it also comes with TWO complimentary glasses of sparkling wine! Well it's my first time having wine for tea but it's not that bad at all. hahaha
And let me tell you how pretty they way they bake, make and set up everything ( sampai I just wanna take pictures of the pastries and not touch it at all cause it's darn prettyyy!

So this is the full set of the Queen's Supreme Banquet Platter
We were first served with scones. It's so fresh and fluffy! I've tried scones which are just meh for me
but this! wow! it is really fresh. 
Freshly baked traditional Ghee Hiang Pastries
Artisan Cakes and Divine Macaroons
Medieval lacquer box
Lemon Souffle

 That tea session was really a memorable one. I could catch up with some of my girlfriends and also met a few new ones! This place is a must visit if you're looking for a more classy, quite tea session where you can have limitless selfies with your girl friends, like what we did. hahaha

we enjoyed it sooo much! the tea and the photoshoot session with Gaylen and
Christina, nothing but loved it!

Group-fie! more tea session to come!

If you like to know more about Teels Cafe and Ghee Hiang, or if you're looking for a venue for your upcoming tea session, details are as following:

144G&H, Burmah Road,
10400 George Town, Penang
Tel: 04-2288177

Lunch: 11.30am-3pm
Afternoon Tea: 3pm - 6pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10pm

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