Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Walk In Style This 2018 with Te Chi Chi

We all gotta admit that the white sneaker trend was a huge thing during 2017 and seriously, this style looks clean and it could just go with anything casual you name it. White is the easiest colour to match any OOTD you like but you might just wanna give a lil extra care to maintain your white sneakers clean. WHAT? did you say you can't find affordable white sneakers?? Lucky you, you're on the right place! Te Chi Chi has a wide range of sneakers from those with laces or without, and even slip ons! 

I've been a fan of Te Chi Chi for God knows how long as their shoes are just really really comfortable and also fashionable! Te Chi Chi is a boutique filled with shoes design from Korea, if you wanna be like those K stars you've gotta own at least 1 of Te Chi Chi shoes. They have a range from sneakers, pumps, sandals and also heels! The moment you walk in the store it welcomes you with their shoes arranged neatly with bright white lights, just like the feel of walking into heaven( for a shoe freak like me it's wow!)

What I really love about Te Chi Chi's white sneakers is that it has a slight booster I call it, it has a thicker platform so short people like me could look a lil bit more balance next to my friends. hahaha

And of course, Te Chi Chi's heels collection, I would not leave without slipping at least 1 pair of heels and I literally fell in love! It is definitely suitable for girls who works in the office and does alot of walking as the heel is not extreme and it doesn't grip your feet in the front too tight as other pointed heels with do to you.

They have cool sandals too! 
long hair don't care, back in 2015 where Big Cartel gave me a chance to have an interview with Te Chi Chi.

Look at me, I was really in shoe heaven!
As I've mentioned, I was always a fan of Te Chi Chi. That  was during 2015 when Big Cartel gave me a chance to have a talk with the man behind everything. I had a blast trying their shoes back then and now they still don't disappoint me, and that pretty much got me to be their fan too. haha

PSSSST! Te Chi Chi is having sales right now which could go up to 70%! Haven't done your new year shopping yet? Guess it's time for you to check them out for something "chio" this Chinese New Year! If you want to skip the hassle of running around, try shopping at their website!

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100-1F-159 Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Penang.

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