Monday, 15 January 2018

[Review] Make your Concept with A:Concept.

So I've pretty much mention this every time when i do a beauty product review ( if you have not, probably you could check it out here, ya know, to get to know more about, is that I'm more of a cushion foundation person than any other type of foundation. Not that I don't like using liquid foundation its just that cushion foundation feels lighter on your skin and also cuts off all the hassle. Of course finding the right cushion foundation is very important especially those concealing and colour correcting steps are removed, what I actually look for in a cushion foundation is that it needs to have good coverage, and also of course does not cause the face to feel oily after a few hours.

And so thanks to Althea, I finally got my hand on the perfect kit from A:concept! if you don't know what Althea is all about you're about to be ranked as quite an outdated person.( hahaha just kidding, so that's why I'm here to share!) Althea is an online platform to purchase Korean beauty product with just clicks away and they shipped directly from Korea all the way to your doorstep!

A:Concept is a beauty brand from Korea which was first established back in 2013 and has been loved by Girl's Generation member, TaeYeon  features a all-in-one cosmetic concept which is also chic and trendy which makes carrying it around easily. Wanna know how convenient? Just read on! And if you wanna check out A:Concept on Althea, click here!

What's in it:
  •  A:Concept All-In-One Brightening Cushion in shade Natural Beige(23)
  • All-in-one Brightening A: Cushion Refill
  • Everything in A: Coral Lip & Cheek
  • A: Red Orange Lipstick

A:Concept Black made me fell in love immediately with their sleek black and red packaging, it just screams classy to the top an I've not even talked about the Cushion foundation itself! I like how they made it black in colour and also how perfectly it fits into my palm man, I have tiny hands so yea, this fits me perfectly! The A:Concept All-in-one Brightening Cushion comes in 2 shades, Natural Beige (23) and Light Beige (21).

 What I love about this is that the cushion is black which allows us to easily see how much product are we putting on our face, and surprisingly there's no need alot to ensure good coverage. I like how light it feels as it also gives a more natural coverage and it's perfect to bring on the go for quick touch up! The A:Concept All-in-one Brightening Cushion contains UV Protection with SPF 50% PA+++, and also contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize and whiten the skin. AND OH THIS, this really made me go wow when I've found out how it works. At the side of the compact cushion there is a "secret compartment' where you could just slip one of the lipstick in there! Awesome right! I was so amazed I kept playing around with it lol.

Comes with 2 lipstick colours.

This A:Concept Set also comes with 2 lipsticks: Everything in A:Coral and A: Red Orange. What I really love about these lipstick is that it could be used on the lips, and also on the cheeks as well! Just dab a few dots on your cheeks and start blending with your finger, the colour A:Coral looks so nice on the lips and cheeks as it is most suitable for Asian skin tone( which is me!). With this you don't necessary have to bring you bulky blusher around with you anymore, and also don't forget that it could be hidden in the secret compartment of the A:Concept All-in-one Brightening Cushion! While writing this I am still amaze of how convenient this set from A;Concept could be man.

Here I'm using Everything in A:Coral on my lips.
Dabbing also Everything in A:Coral on my cheeks to create the natural flushed look.

Tadaaaa! So this is how A:Coral look like on my lips. The colour looks pinkish orange on me which makes me look a lil' bit fairer which i love! It's not my usual colour but I'm glad I've tried it on. SO if you're interested to get this for yourself, hurry and click here and get them while stock last! And If you wanna follow the latest update on Althea products and promotion, Click here!